The UK’s first Smart Wellness company


Stronger exists because we believe that the wellness space in the UK can benefit
 from products, technologies and trends already making a huge difference to peoples lives in other countries and industries. We believe that wellness can be smart, adapting itself to today’s lifestyles. We are in business of giving people time back, a smarter way of living life.


Starting with REJUVENA7ION™, products focused on accelerating the body’s recovery, foremost Cryotherapy; and SMAR7 TOOLS™, designed to reengineer movement and space.

"We research international markets to identify our partners, looking closely at their manufacturing processes and asking operators and consumers directly about real results. It is our commitment to introduce best in class when it comes to high performance. Our goal is to make smarter workouts and improved recovery more accessible for every type of physical activity facility and their customers — from the CEO and busy parent to Ironman athlete — for long-term, sustainable improvements in their wellbeing and performance."

Elena Lapetra, Co-Founder & Chief Energy Officer

We are different, we are Stronger Wellness.




Reengineering movement and space, Australia’s latest export YBell integrates the kettlebell, dumbbell, double-grip medball and push up stand. One piece of equipment for every body.


Performance focusing on accelerating the bodies recovery.

Introducing Cryotherapy by CryoSpace and Quantum.

Cryotherapy and cryostimulation use the body’s physiological capabilities to restore and sustain the human body balance. Let’s face it, from the decorated CEO and busy parent to Ironman athlete, we all need more of that. 

What to expect:

+ Biohack the body's system. Detoxify it, boost it and get glowing skin.

+ Eliminate the results of training overload for improved long-term performance.

+ Regains energy and stamina in 3 minutes with fast release of endorphins and improved blood oxygenation.

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