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Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) exposes the body to sub-zero temperatures — as low as -130 degrees — for short periods of time (2–3 minutes), initiating various therapeutic responses within the body. As the skin responds to the rapidly cooling temperatures, it signals a chain of physiological reactions amplifying the body’s own natural processes.

By exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures, it triggers the natural release of epinephrine, endorphins and anti-inflammatory proteins. The body is not in hypothermia but the brain thinks that it is, causing the body to draw blood to the vital organs which become more oxygenated and nutrient dense. Once that blood is pumped back through the body all the different benefits begin to trigger.





After a 2-3 minute session at sub zero temperatures, oxygenated, nutrient enriched blood that has been flushed of toxins, returns to the body's muscles, joints, and skin, providing a host of benefits:



The creators behind the refrigeration systems for Tesco, Starbucks, Co-op and more, and with decades of experience "creating cold", Stronger introduces CryoSpace Hybrid, a UK first for dual use in nitrogen and electricity, to create cryogenic temperatures.

+ Direct cryotherapy technology.

+ Optimal temperatures for cryotherapy (from -100°C to -130°C). 

+ Scientifically proven. 

+ Patented air circulation system means evenly distributed low temperatures inside cabin.

+ Spacious interior matches wide variety of users in terms of height and weight.

+ Mobile unit (on wheels).

+ Flexibility in colour, design and branding.

+ Durable materials, resistant to low temperatures guarantee product life span. 

+ Optional LED lighting and music available.
+ Optional camera allows for the user to take a picture during the session for social sharing.
+ Standard customisable programmes according to experience or goal preferences including the popular "Hangover Killer" mode.

The world’s first entirely British designed, manufactured and installed whole body Cryotherapy chamber. Built on 40 years of heritage in cryogenics engineering.

+ Indirect technology.

+ Uses liquid nitrogen to produce temperatures of around -140 degrees.

+ Scientifically proven. 

+ Safety gas monitors fitted as standard with nitrogen safely ducted away.

+ Operates continuously without the need for drying cycles.

+ Compact footprint with large windows, provides lit, airy experience.

+ User steps into an enclosed cold therapy chamber so the entire body, including the head and face is exposed to the sub zero temperatures.

+ Calm, blue internal lighting.

+ Colours and branding are customisable.

+ External screen to support the user visually at every stage of the process. 

+ Remote support via FaceTime. 

+ Music can be personalised with Bluetooth.

+ Beginner, intermediate and advanced programmes customise the user experience.



We’ve been here for a while so we know what works and what doesn’t. Let us help to guide you through your journey using our practical experience and the market knowledge of thousands of partners around the world.


If the world of Cryogenics is new to you, no need to worry. Our team will support you to create a feasibility study, including operational planning and complete safety.


From product specs to installation, our consultant team will help you design it all and get started.


Unique 360 consultation service and complete product training for best product integration and user experience.

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