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  • A dual-mode bodyweight & resistance cable trainer allows an almost endless number of exercises and body movements.

    Easily change from Bodyweight training movements to Resistance Cable exercises.

    Bodyweight training uses your own weight as resistance in movements or exercises to improve endurance and overall strength.

    Resistance training uses resistance or force to induce muscular contraction, which builds strength and anaerobic endurance.


    • Two Adjustable Suspension Straps featuring: Non-Slip Handle; Easy-In Foot Cradle; Non-Scuff Door Anchor; Adjustable Length Technology & Patented 2-in-1 Dual-Mode Bodyweight & Resistance Cable System.

      2 Lifeline Resistance Cable-R3 -30lb.

      2 Lifeline Resistance Cable- R5-50lb.

      1 Adjustable Anchor Strap with 360° Rotating Swivel.

      1 Carry Bag.

      30 Exercise Cards for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Users.

    • VERSATILE 2 in 1 TRAINER: Easily change from Bodyweight training movements to Resistance Cable exercises

      ADJUSTABLE ANCHOR STRAP offers 8 new height adjustments; the 360° Rotating Swivel allows fluid movement between push and pull exercises.

      INTEGRATED NON-SCUFF DOOR ANCHORS allow easy, safe, non-scuff connection to doors.

      ERGONOMIC HANDLES incorporate an Easy-In Foot Cradle made from a non-slip comfortable rubber material.

      LIFELINE RESISTANCE CABLES - Made using durable natural latex, Lifeline's Progressive Layering Technology™ creates super-strong cables that are more durable than common extruded fitness tubes.

      SPLIT ANCHOR DESIGN allows users to quickly and easily adjust the forces on the body by changing the width of the anchor point

      QUICK ADJUST BUCKLE allows quick strap length adjustment for movement between exercises and positions.

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