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Updated: 3 days ago

The environment is a critical part of your exercise. The right or wrong environment can influence the effectiveness of your workout not only from a physical but also from a mental perspective. So begin trialing different tools, spaces, textures and activities to find out what works for you at home. Specially if this is a new world for you....welcome!, it will be a great addition to your future wellbeing routines.

Here is your checklist for the best workout at home experience:

  • Space for movement clear? Check your area to make sure that all exercises have enough space for your to move freely. You don't want to start a workout limiting your range of motion. Part of your warm up can be to create your exercise space (push the coffee table, etc).

  • Do not disturb in your phone ON? Try to find the time and space to disconnect. If you tell yourself 'I can't turn it off now' maybe stop and find the time where you can allow yourself to be present in your exercise. Boosting your physical and mental performance.

  • Temperature adjusted? Remember that your body temperature will change but it is nice not to start in a cold room

  • Workout selected? Try to do this on sunday night if you can, to avoid scrolling endlessly looking for what to do. You can then start the week already with an exercise plan to commit to. If you don't know, that is ok, there are lots of workout plans out there to guide you. Our Ybell app for example has programmes for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

  • Lights adjusted? How do you like it, bright or warm, lights or candles...trial, trial, trial. Also you might want to add some mood lighting....recovery days may be candles while HIIT workout days might be super bright!

  • Best sound system charged and ready? There are endless studies about the influence of music in exercise. Treat yourself to a good sound system and make sure your neighbours don't call the police :) ...or buy some great sound proof flooring from Pavigym in our Stronger Spaces.

  • Are you totally committed now? Remove all distractions and commit to finishing all the workout or streamed exercise class. Tell yourself that it does not matter if nobody is watching (if that is the case) are! so commit to you! Anyone that is not in the room apart from a coach, does not deserve your attention.

  • Workout essentials ready? Get your water, towel, the right surface for the right exercise, the right clothing, etc. Even if you are alone, try to still take the time to change into workout apparel...make it part of the ritual.

There is a lot of kit to workout at home and we have a great selection in our shop. However, one of our favourites is YBELL as it gives your 4 tools into 1 as you can see in the image and it comes with a workout plans app.

Enjoy adding home workouts to your wellbeing routines. Remember, the environment is key in order to create a healthy habit.

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